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*::*takes a bulimic to look this good*::*

yeah i eat and then i eat my finger*

23 February
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%#*the duke of candied apples is my name*#%
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5 oclock, aaron, blistering heat, bulimics, c dawg, chocolatier lifestyle, classic 600, closeted homosexual fathers, cocaingels, crank, cutting down bad trees, danny mother fin fabry, dirty hippies, driedle face, drinking pina coladas, eating franco american, eating my finger, eating non cooked lobster, fake djs, fake relationships, free money, gaining brain cells, gold diggers, happy foods, hardcore nail biting, hardcore nipples, hating euro, having sex contests, he is so high, homowork, hooters tabs, hulk hogan, jeeps, kippah, kissing black ladies, kissing girls, kissing polacks, kitty boobs, le tigre, learning spanish, liars, low carb monsters, matzah, money, my sister whose gay, nose bleeds, painting pictures, pointless songs, quarter pounders, rapping paper, sexy irish polo models, smoking ciggies, spreading pussies, stealing sunglasses, stupid fake cool boys, sushi, sweaty palms, talking to jews, tanorexic, the laura, the tony, trippin billies, turkey tom, vomit stained kleats, wanting candy, watching boondock saints, whole made labs, willy wonka, xtacy